5 Secrets to Finding the Lowest Priced Flights

Whenever we travel, we all want to find the best deals possible and save as much money as we can. Here are five secrets to helping you find the lowest priced flights on the internet.

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Booking at the Right Time

When looking for the best deals, it can be hard to find when is the best time to book. With so many websites raising and lowering their prices all the time, finding the cheapest isn’t always straightforward. Research has shown that to get the best deals possible, it is always recommended to book well in advance. Whilst last minute deals can be appealing, you could potentially get it even cheaper if you take the time to look earlier.

Avoid Weekends

With many working in professions from Monday to Friday, a lot tend to prefer flying at the weekend. However, flying on a Saturday and Sunday can mean a huge difference in price as opposed to flying on a weekday. Also, be sure to compare prices regarding what time you decide to travel. Many prefer to fly in the morning which can alter the cost tremendously.

Here, There and Everywhere

If you are a savvy internet user, be sure to do as much research as you can beforehand. There are many websites out there such as Skyscanner and Trivago who aim to compare flight prices from hundreds of different websites, ensuring you don’t have to do all the hard work. It can be interesting to see how the same flight can be a completely different price on similar websites.  Also, Skyscanner and Trivago can help you find the lowest price hotel and holiday packages.

Location Matters

If you are flying to major cities and destinations, the location of the airport can have a significant impact on the cost of your flight ticket. For example, the main airport of New York City is John F. Kennedy International with direct flights potentially costing much more than other airports such as LaGuardia which is not much further away. It is also worth noting that even taking flights that include stops can end up being cheaper than those direct, so if you do not mind an extra bit of travelling, be sure to investigate the options available to you.

Stay Alert

Ensure you sign up to as many website newsletters and alert notifications as you can. Many companies hand out the best deals to their subscribers first, which can benefit you tremendously. Also, make sure you do not list the companies as spam or junk as you may miss out on incredibly cheap flights. Websites such as Yatra can help you find the best deals on a variety of international flights, so for example, if you want to book Hyderabad to Dubai flight ticket at low cost, the website can give you thorough information and the guidance you require.

There are many more ways to help you get the best deals possible. Ensure you do as much research online to ensure you get the lowest priced flight tickets available on the internet.