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Your Guide to the Best of Bangkok’s Nightlife

As soon as the sun goes down, Bangkok gets its second wind.  The heavy traffic subsides, the commuters head home, and the bars and restaurants emanate a life of their own as they draw in locals and tourists from all over the world.  Whether its fine dining, clubbing, cultural shows, bowling, or a nice relaxed evening spent drinking with friends, there’s so much to do in the city that you’ll be spoiled for choice.  If you’re new to Bangkok, though, below are some of the nightlife hotspots that you’ll most certainly want to check out.


Sukhumvit Road is known for its luxury party lifestyle and, as such, it’s full of bars, clubs,and restaurants, many of which are by far among the best in the city.  The famous red light districts of Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy can also be found in Sukhumvit, and it’s definitely worth taking at least a walk down these streets, purely for the experience.  The best rooftop bar in Bangkok can be found atop the Novotel.  With a poolside ambiance and exclusive views over the city, you’ll definitely want to enjoy at least one drink up here.  Plus, with the BTS Skyline having a stop at Sukhumvit, it’s a really convenient area to get to no matter the time of night.


As you’d probably expect, Chinatown is most well-known for its food.  There are endless treats on offer here, both in the numerous restaurants and in the street stalls that line almost every road.  During the evenings, the Talat Kao fresh market comes to life, and it’s here that you’ll find a variety of exotic foods, many of which we’ll bet you’ll never have seen before.  The world-renowned fresh flower market is also just a short distance away.  If you want to indulge in a few drinks after your meal, head to Soi Nana Chinatown.  Here you’ll find one of the coolest streets in the city that’s a great place to go bar-hopping.

The Riverside

Bangkok’s Riverside area is a stark contrast to the busy downtown area of the city, but for many guests, this is what they want.  A variety of bars and restaurants dot the sides of the river, and you’ll find a lot of establishments offering live music shows and other forms of entertainment.  The Riverside is also home to a lot of rooftop bars, all of which have gorgeous views over the Chao Phraya River.  At night time, this is all lit up, and it’s hard to explain how beautiful it is.


Finally, we have Silom.  If you want a truly fun and exciting experience during your time in Bangkok, this is where you’ll want to head.  Silom is home to the city’s original red light district, and it’s here that you’ll find a great selection of go-go bars, suspicious looking massage parlors, and crazy karaoke bars.  The area around Soi 2 and Soi 4 is where Bangkok’s gay community heads during the evening, and there are plenty of other pubs and clubs dotted around.  If you’re looking for a diverse and lively area, Silom should be your pick.

Of course, there are a lot of other areas in Bangkok that are worth a visit, but the four areas above should definitely be experienced at least once.…

3 Exciting And Different Ways To See Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most vibrant and exciting capital cities in the world, which is why it draws in visitors from Asia and beyond, as well as having a large population who live and work there. It’s a city you can never be bored of, whether your stay there lasts ten days or ten years, and with a great transport infrastructure in place, it’s an easy city to get around. For a unique Bangkok experience that will stay with you forever, however, take a look at these three exciting and original ideas.

See Bangkok By Motorbike

Bangkok is the capital and largest city of Thailand, and its resident population of more than eight million is swelled by its visitors and tourists. For that reason, its main roads can be very busy, particularly at peak times. That’s just one reason why it makes sense to see Bangkok by bike, and motorbike rental Bangkok Sukhumvit can be cheap and readily available. Riding a motorbike makes it far less likely that you’ll become stuck in a traffic jam, meaning that you can reach your destination much more quickly, or head out to areas a little further afield. Riding a motorbike also gives you a feeling of freedom that you just don’t experience when behind the wheel of a car, so you can become immersed in the cityscape around you.

See Bangkok By TukTuk

If there’s one vehicle which has become synonymous with Bangkok, it’s the tuktuk. If you don’t know what they are, think of a rickshaw that’s been automated and that offers a little more protection from the elements. You’ll see them all over the city. Use them to make short or long journeys, just like you would a taxi. What we particularly recommend, however, is that you take a night time tuktuk tour. Bangkok is at its best at night, as it has a profusion of lights and a warm rather than hot temperature. A tuktuk tour will take you to some of the city’s most iconic sights, from Buddhist temples to food markets selling the most delicious food you’ll ever eat.

See Bangkok By Boat

The Chao Phraya River flows through the heart of Bangkok, and so a tour by boat along the river can be one of the most relaxing ways to see this beautiful city at its finest. There are piers at strategic points throughout Bangkok, meaning that once you have a ticket, you can simply hop on and off the boat whenever you wish. Alternatively, you can remain on the boat with a drink in your hand and see some of Asia’s most striking and iconic buildings go by.

Seeing Bangkok by motorbike, tuktuk or boat can be much less expensive than you might think, and it will add an extra fun element to your time in the Thai capital. You’ll also be able to see much more of the city than you would on foot, and in much less time, and avoid the congestion that you may encounter if you hire a car or travel by traditional taxi.…

How to Plan a Holiday Abroad with Your Grandchildren

Taking your grandchildren on holiday can be an excellent way of bonding and spending quality time with them whilst also allowing your son/daughter and their partner to have some rest and a break away from the demands of parenting. But, taking children on holiday can be stressful, and you might be in for a surprise if your last family holiday was years ago when your own children were little. To make sure that you and your grandchildren have a fun holiday that’s as stress-free as possible, we’ve put together these top tips.

Flight Preparation

Making sure that you’re fully prepared for any problems of boredom or travel sickness on the flights to and from your destination is one of the most important things you’ll need to consider when you’re taking your grandkids abroad. Children can get travel sick easily, so make sure that you take any medications that they might need and have something that they can use in the worst-case scenario if they have to throw up and can’t get to the bathroom. Toys and games are also essential to keep them occupied, so make sure to bring items such as coloring books and crayons, puzzles, or even an iPad loaded with fun apps and games for them to play. You might also want to consider booking a late flight, so that the kids can sleep on the way.

What to Pack

When it comes to packing, your grandkid’s parents will probably do most of it to make sure that you’ve got everything their little one needs when you take them on holiday. You should be sure to have plenty of sun safety items, which is essential to make sure that their sensitive skin doesn’t get burned by the hot sun – painful sunburn can turn a fun holiday into a horrible experience. Don’t forget to pack sun hats, sunglasses, and loose-fitting clothes that cover little shoulders and legs for the best protection. It’s also a good idea to take along toys and games to play with on the beach, such as a blow-up beach ball, bucket and spade or a tennis set.

Choosing Where to Stay

Deciding where to stay when you take your grandchildren on holiday largely comes down to looking at the places which offer the best facilities for kids. Picking a child-friendly destination is going to make your holiday far easier, plus you’ll have the added benefit of a quieter holiday as you’ll be surrounded by other guests who are also groups of parents and grandparents with children. Finding a hotel that has a kid’s club, children’s entertainment, a kid’s pool and other facilities will ensure that your holiday is both safe and enjoyable for the children as well as being relaxing for you.

Another thing you’ll want to look into is how easy it is to see a doctor or reach an ER while abroad.  A medical check up in Bangkok is quite easy to receive, whereas if you choose to stay somewhere off the beaten path, you may struggle to find healthcare if you need it.  And with children, you can never be too careful.

Do you have any great tips for taking kids on holiday abroad? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.…

5 Reasons to Visit Elephant Sanctuaries on a Family Vacation

What child isn’t fascinated by elephants? In fact, many children ask to go to the circus, not to see those funny clowns with their silly antics but rather to see these large beasts performing for the crowds. Unfortunately, when taking our kids to the circus to see the elephants, we are actually becoming a very large part of the problem, and that is why elephant sanctuaries are needed now more than ever before. Are you looking for a reason to take a family vacation to Africa or Asia? If so, elephants can be the deciding factor, and here are five reasons why.

1. Elephants Are an Endangered Species

Without going into exact figures, which you can find here, it is safe to say that within the last 100 years, elephants now number only 1/5 of what they did in 1930. Also, it should be noted that Asian elephants were never as numerous as African elephants, so they are even more of an endangered species than their African cousins. If you are going to take your kids to see endangered elephants, you might want to start with a family vacation in Thailand.

2. Only Natural Habitats Are Ethical

According to an article in the National Geographic, there really is no ethical way to keep elephants anywhere other than their native habitat. In other words, if you want to impress upon your kids just what we are doing to destroy other lifeforms on earth, you need to look no further than elephants that already fascinate children to a great degree. Take them to an ethical elephant Thailand sanctuary to show them how elephants should be allowed to live naturally. It’s a lesson they’ll never forget.

3. Deep-Rooted Mystical Associations

Some parents who like to explore mysticism and the deeper meaning of life also like to illustrate some of their basic beliefs with real-life examples. What could be better than elephants that have many mystical associations dating back thousands of years? Elephants, for example, are thought to be among the most honorable and stable of beings on earth. In the Hindu religion, elephants are said to be the embodiment of the god Ganesha, who is the god of good luck, protection, and fortune.

4. A Much-Needed Lesson in Conservation

Since we know that one of the biggest reasons why elephants are quickly becoming extinct is in the fact that mankind has taken over many of their natural habitats, you can give your children a lesson in conservation, which they will actually enjoy. In fact, they may become future leaders in the field based on their natural love for these one-time beasts of burden.

5. A Trip of a Lifetime Abroad

Finally, this will be a trip they will always remember with fondness. It’s altogether too easy to take a family vacation to a theme park or the seaside, but how many families actually get to see elephants in their natural habitat? How many kids get to go to Thailand on an educational vacation?

It’s time to think about how much fun you can have on vacation while adding value to the lives of your children. An ethical vacation mixed with quality family time promises to be that one vacation they’ll always cherish.…