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The city of Hubli is a commercial hub. It is not just the business hub of the municipal corporation Hubli-Dharwad but also the main trading center and industrial town in Karnataka. The city is known for its in trade of cotton and iron during the reign of the Vijaynagar Kings and is still famous for its handloom textiles. The city creates a vast plethora of culture and it also offers many tourists destinations . With the close proximity of both cities and hilly surroundings, Hubli-Dharwad is a popular tourist spot in Karnataka. The ancient archeological temples and monuments, the celebrated culture and the scenic surroundings and favorable climate of the cities will make your visit to Hubli-Dharwad a memorable journey for years to come. Due to these features there is a lot of footfall of travelers throughout the year.

1. Chandramouleshwara Temple

The inspiring architectural monument in Hubli, the Chandramouleshwara temple is a 900 year old temple established during the reign of the Chalukyas. The temple is dedicated to Chandramouleshwara, also known as the Hindu deity Shiva. The temple is carved with lot of details and sculpted straight out of black granite and shows a grand architectural prowess of the Chalukya era artisans.

2. Banashankari Temple

The Banashankari Temple was constructed in the 13th century by the Chalukyas. This temple is the finest example of the Chalukya period art and stone sculpting prowess. It is made up of stone carved together and is dedicated to the Hindu deity Shiva. The temple pillars are also beautifully presented.

3. Nrupatunga Hill

The Nrupatunga Hill is a mini hillock and picnic spot to spend some quality time in Hubli. The hillock gives the gorgeous view point and a perfect escape point from the hustle bustle of the city area. 

4. NavagrahaTeertha

NavagrahaTeertha is one of the significant pilgrim spot for the Jain community in India. The temple features a 61 foot tall idol of the Shri BhagavanParshvanath and the little statues of the other 8 Jain teerthankaras. The statue is the tallest statue of the Jain deity in India and weighs 185 tons and visitors come here from all over the country .

5. Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden

The Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden is a decently maintained landscaped garden that has a central glass house like building that looks glorious . The place is a fantastic venue for various socio-cultural activities such as electric musical concerts and special exhibitions.

6. Unkal Lake

Unkal lake covers200 acres and is a popular picnic spot in Hubli. The lake offers boating experience and is harbored by a lush green garden that serves as an amazing recreational spot. The lake is around 110 years old and with the major highlight the statue of Swami Vivekananda placed in the center of the lake.

7. Siddharoodha Math

Siddhoroodha Math is a monastery that was built by the followers of Sri Siddharoodha Swami and had his ‘Samadhi’ in 1929. The math has many visitors including Lokmanya Bal GangadharTilak and Mahatma Gandhi. The best visited during the car festival during the Hindu event ‘Mahashivaratri’.

Hubli is a popular destination and can be reached by flights or train. To see if there is any train available or not, you can make an enquiry at IRCTC.…