5 Reasons to Visit Elephant Sanctuaries on a Family Vacation

What child isn’t fascinated by elephants? In fact, many children ask to go to the circus, not to see those funny clowns with their silly antics but rather to see these large beasts performing for the crowds. Unfortunately, when taking our kids to the circus to see the elephants, we are actually becoming a very large part of the problem, and that is why elephant sanctuaries are needed now more than ever before. Are you looking for a reason to take a family vacation to Africa or Asia? If so, elephants can be the deciding factor, and here are five reasons why.

1. Elephants Are an Endangered Species

Without going into exact figures, which you can find here, it is safe to say that within the last 100 years, elephants now number only 1/5 of what they did in 1930. Also, it should be noted that Asian elephants were never as numerous as African elephants, so they are even more of an endangered species than their African cousins. If you are going to take your kids to see endangered elephants, you might want to start with a family vacation in Thailand.

2. Only Natural Habitats Are Ethical

According to an article in the National Geographic, there really is no ethical way to keep elephants anywhere other than their native habitat. In other words, if you want to impress upon your kids just what we are doing to destroy other lifeforms on earth, you need to look no further than elephants that already fascinate children to a great degree. Take them to an ethical elephant Thailand sanctuary to show them how elephants should be allowed to live naturally. It’s a lesson they’ll never forget.

3. Deep-Rooted Mystical Associations

Some parents who like to explore mysticism and the deeper meaning of life also like to illustrate some of their basic beliefs with real-life examples. What could be better than elephants that have many mystical associations dating back thousands of years? Elephants, for example, are thought to be among the most honorable and stable of beings on earth. In the Hindu religion, elephants are said to be the embodiment of the god Ganesha, who is the god of good luck, protection, and fortune.

4. A Much-Needed Lesson in Conservation

Since we know that one of the biggest reasons why elephants are quickly becoming extinct is in the fact that mankind has taken over many of their natural habitats, you can give your children a lesson in conservation, which they will actually enjoy. In fact, they may become future leaders in the field based on their natural love for these one-time beasts of burden.

5. A Trip of a Lifetime Abroad

Finally, this will be a trip they will always remember with fondness. It’s altogether too easy to take a family vacation to a theme park or the seaside, but how many families actually get to see elephants in their natural habitat? How many kids get to go to Thailand on an educational vacation?

It’s time to think about how much fun you can have on vacation while adding value to the lives of your children. An ethical vacation mixed with quality family time promises to be that one vacation they’ll always cherish.