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How to Plan a Holiday Abroad with Your Grandchildren

Taking your grandchildren on holiday can be an excellent way of bonding and spending quality time with them whilst also allowing your son/daughter and their partner to have some rest and a break away from the demands of parenting. But, taking children on holiday can be stressful, and you might be in for a surprise if your last family holiday was years ago when your own children were little. To make sure that you and your grandchildren have a fun holiday that’s as stress-free as possible, we’ve put together these top tips.

Flight Preparation

Making sure that you’re fully prepared for any problems of boredom or travel sickness on the flights to and from your destination is one of the most important things you’ll need to consider when you’re taking your grandkids abroad. Children can get travel sick easily, so make sure that you take any medications that they might need and have something that they can use in the worst-case scenario if they have to throw up and can’t get to the bathroom. Toys and games are also essential to keep them occupied, so make sure to bring items such as coloring books and crayons, puzzles, or even an iPad loaded with fun apps and games for them to play. You might also want to consider booking a late flight, so that the kids can sleep on the way.

What to Pack

When it comes to packing, your grandkid’s parents will probably do most of it to make sure that you’ve got everything their little one needs when you take them on holiday. You should be sure to have plenty of sun safety items, which is essential to make sure that their sensitive skin doesn’t get burned by the hot sun – painful sunburn can turn a fun holiday into a horrible experience. Don’t forget to pack sun hats, sunglasses, and loose-fitting clothes that cover little shoulders and legs for the best protection. It’s also a good idea to take along toys and games to play with on the beach, such as a blow-up beach ball, bucket and spade or a tennis set.

Choosing Where to Stay

Deciding where to stay when you take your grandchildren on holiday largely comes down to looking at the places which offer the best facilities for kids. Picking a child-friendly destination is going to make your holiday far easier, plus you’ll have the added benefit of a quieter holiday as you’ll be surrounded by other guests who are also groups of parents and grandparents with children. Finding a hotel that has a kid’s club, children’s entertainment, a kid’s pool and other facilities will ensure that your holiday is both safe and enjoyable for the children as well as being relaxing for you.

Another thing you’ll want to look into is how easy it is to see a doctor or reach an ER while abroad.  A medical check up in Bangkok is quite easy to receive, whereas if you choose to stay somewhere off the beaten path, you may struggle to find healthcare if you need it.  And with children, you can never be too careful.

Do you have any great tips for taking kids on holiday abroad? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.…

5 Reasons to Visit Elephant Sanctuaries on a Family Vacation

What child isn’t fascinated by elephants? In fact, many children ask to go to the circus, not to see those funny clowns with their silly antics but rather to see these large beasts performing for the crowds. Unfortunately, when taking our kids to the circus to see the elephants, we are actually becoming a very large part of the problem, and that is why elephant sanctuaries are needed now more than ever before. Are you looking for a reason to take a family vacation to Africa or Asia? If so, elephants can be the deciding factor, and here are five reasons why.

1. Elephants Are an Endangered Species

Without going into exact figures, which you can find here, it is safe to say that within the last 100 years, elephants now number only 1/5 of what they did in 1930. Also, it should be noted that Asian elephants were never as numerous as African elephants, so they are even more of an endangered species than their African cousins. If you are going to take your kids to see endangered elephants, you might want to start with a family vacation in Thailand.

2. Only Natural Habitats Are Ethical

According to an article in the National Geographic, there really is no ethical way to keep elephants anywhere other than their native habitat. In other words, if you want to impress upon your kids just what we are doing to destroy other lifeforms on earth, you need to look no further than elephants that already fascinate children to a great degree. Take them to an ethical elephant Thailand sanctuary to show them how elephants should be allowed to live naturally. It’s a lesson they’ll never forget.

3. Deep-Rooted Mystical Associations

Some parents who like to explore mysticism and the deeper meaning of life also like to illustrate some of their basic beliefs with real-life examples. What could be better than elephants that have many mystical associations dating back thousands of years? Elephants, for example, are thought to be among the most honorable and stable of beings on earth. In the Hindu religion, elephants are said to be the embodiment of the god Ganesha, who is the god of good luck, protection, and fortune.

4. A Much-Needed Lesson in Conservation

Since we know that one of the biggest reasons why elephants are quickly becoming extinct is in the fact that mankind has taken over many of their natural habitats, you can give your children a lesson in conservation, which they will actually enjoy. In fact, they may become future leaders in the field based on their natural love for these one-time beasts of burden.

5. A Trip of a Lifetime Abroad

Finally, this will be a trip they will always remember with fondness. It’s altogether too easy to take a family vacation to a theme park or the seaside, but how many families actually get to see elephants in their natural habitat? How many kids get to go to Thailand on an educational vacation?

It’s time to think about how much fun you can have on vacation while adding value to the lives of your children. An ethical vacation mixed with quality family time promises to be that one vacation they’ll always cherish.…

Best 10 Loved ones Holiday Spots In America

Family VacationsDownload your free of charge guide, get the official app or request a copy by mail under, and start planning your one-of-a-kind South Carolina adventure today. Orlando, Florida has no shortage of entertainment… it’s the trip mecca for thousands of American households annually, and a large international draw. Take your adventure to new heights in the mountainous Upstate, and see for yourself why South Carolina is the excellent place for a loved ones adventure. If you and your loved ones members enjoy beach vacations, you can program a trip to Goa in India, Florida or the Caribbean Islands and soak up in the sun even though lazing on the white sandy beach.

There is a lot to do that incorporates the whole family even though avoiding the rapidly paced life. If prefer vacations by the water, destinations include Alabama’s Gulf State Park and Wisp Resort in McHenry, Maryland. So When you think about packing your bags this Spring when you’re so sick of Winter , take into account a single of these wonderful household friendly east coast holiday destinations for a trip you will not forget.

This could look boring, and the youngsters could protest that this is the worst of all household vacation concepts, but once they are out there it is difficult for them to not have enjoyable exploring. You can browse the net for pre-planned wildlife itineraries in Kenya for the whole family that come at a low expense of £510 for 8 days excluding the value of air tickets.

Your family will always bear in mind this river and beach customized Costa Rica adventure! It was enjoyable when the little ones were smaller and they got so considerably out of it, and our loved ones is a pretty patient group, but now I have teens. Pack your bags and pack in entertainment for the complete household at our countless attractions. Discover California ‘s scenic coastal towns, have enjoyable at Disneyland, tour Hollywood and verify into a full service spa resort for a few days of pampering and relaxation.Family Vacations

Maintaining in mind that all things are at least somewhat relative, here’s 1 technique for arranging and enjoying a family members holiday with out promoting a kidney – it is two words: all inclusive. From toddlers and tweens to teenagers and grandparents, we can tailor a household getaway that will to cater to all ages and tastes. Family ski trips can be wonderful exciting and there are a lot of exclusive destinations to choose from.…

Water activities at Karaikal beach

Karaikal beach being one of the popular beaches among the tourist and locals is a place to enjoy adventure water sports or just seeing the beautiful sunrise and sunset views by sitting near the shore. If you are planning to visit Pondicherry then this beach should be definitely on your list.

The to-do list at Karaikal beach is never ending and includes activities like kayaking, boating and canoeing etc. Kayaking being an adventure sport takes you on an off beaten path, except that in kayaking, your adventure is on the sea/river. Paddling through amazing seaweeds, exploring offshore views, and travelling through canopied waterways makes kayaking a truly an exciting adventure sports that makes it a must try at this beach. Canoeing is just like exercising in the fresh air and over the sea just to make you feel good about yourself and to remove your stress. You can easily get an accommodation nearby this beach.

If you haven’t yet tried kayaking or canoeing, then Pondicherry is just the place for you to experience these activities. The degree of thrill in these activities depends on the roughness of water and the rapids. In Pondicherry, you will find both options, as there are places with perfectly calm waters, and then there are waters that are extremely difficult and challenging.

At Karaikal, prepare to be amazed. This is one of the most popular destinations in Pondicherry where you can go parasailing. Get lifted into the air as you are towed away by a motorboat. Attached with an open parachute, and you feel like the ride on the winds. Meet seagulls around you in the sky as you parasail over the coastline of Pondicherry. With the wind in your hair, this is probably one of the exhilarating experiences you can feel!

Riding a banana-boat during your stay could be a great idea. A banana-boat can take a ride for three to ten people at the same time, depending on the boat’s size. Head to the Karaikal Beach for all such fun activities. Banana-boat rides is a great adventure ride crewed by experts. Mount on an inflatable banana-boat and set out on the waters of Pondicherry. The Boating Club at the Arasalar River includes motorboats, rowboats, paddle boats etc. One can take a boat out into the scenic backwaters and enjoy.

Swimming is another popular activity at Karaikal beach that can be enjoyed by both beginners and experts. You can just relax under the sun and try all of your best swimming strokes. Swimming at this beach will be a great experience.

However, if you are not into adventure activities, you can play beach volleyball here. Embark on the beach walk, feel the admirable views of the place. A Tennis Court and a Children’s Park with adventurous rides, several food outlets can be found near the beach. Even you can just sit and enjoy with abundant natural scenery and best sunrise and sunset views. Thus with a host of activities to enjoy one can easily spend a whole day here.

Get ready for water experiences!…

Why is Sardar Patel known as the iron Man of India

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is one of the revered freedom fighters of India and was the first home minister of the nation. He is known as the Iron Man of India. From childhood, he showed signs of strong character and will. Due to his strong and resilient policies, he became of one of the prophetic leaders of the country. So why was he known or called as the Iron Man. India, after independence, needed a strong willed minister who would manage the defenses and security policies and Sardar Patel was famous for that. All these made him a strong willed minister as an iron.

While the freedom struggle was taking place, Sardar Patel went to villages in the Kheda district, and requested villagers for a state-wide revolt by refusing to pay taxes. The government gave into their demands and Patel emerged as a hero. Patel was a supporter of the nonviolence movement of Mahatma Gandhi and organised bonfires of British goods in Ahmedabad and switched over to Khadi. He also worked against caste discrimination, and for the empowerment of women.

Sardar Patel started a policy for protecting, uniting and developing India after independence. His first job was to unite the whole of the country from the small princely states. Patel understood the policy very well that India will not be strong if it is united. He persuaded more than 500 princely states to accede to the Indian union after independence. Most agreed but some didn’t and started anti national activities like the Nizam. Patel rightly used military powers against these rogue princely states and annexed them to India. He was then given the title Iron Man of India.

To respect this mighty soul of India, the Indian government in 2018 has erected the Sardar Patel Statue, which has been termed as the Statue of Unity. It is the tallest statue in the world with a height of 182 meters. It is located in the Narmada district of Gujarat.…