Hyderabad: The Royal City of the South

The city of dreams which ironically keeps everyone awake and on toes is also one of the most populated cities of India. Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is home to many heritage centres and other iconic places. Apart from being a bustling city, Mumbai also has quaint spots and beaches where people go in search of solace and witness most memorable sunsets of their lives. Mumbai to Hyderabad flights fare are operational, and tickets for non-stop flights can be easily found.

Hyderabad came into being around 15th century and was ruled by QutubShahi Dynasty. Later, the history of this South Indian state took dramatic turns and became home to many other rulers. ‘Hydar’ means lion and ‘abad’ means city, hence it can also be called city of lions.

Hyderabad has preserved its essence through centuries and is also recognized as city of pearls. Apart from flourishing as a distinct industrial area, Hyderabad keeps its traditions alive and that can be seen in the many Bazaars of the city.

  • Mecca Masjid is one of the most visited heritage centres in Hyderabad. This Masjid stands tall and was constructed centuries ago, using the soil of Mecca. The architecture of this masjid is breathtakingly beautiful and took extensive manual work, carving and cutting to create something that would mesmerise people for centuries.
  • The famous acoustical fort of Golconda is also a must-see. Situated just 11 kilometres from Hyderabad, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On top of a granite hill, and with numerous battlements, it was the site of numerous battles.
  • It is just not possible to name Hyderabad without mentioning Char Minar. This Minar is situated right where it should be, in the heart of the city and near Mecca Masjid. The Minar was built by Muhammad QuliQutub Shah and is open to general public. The four pillars each are 50ft in height also has 45 prayer spaces inside.
  • You simply can’t leave the city without learning about mighty men who built and ruled it. QutubShahi tomb is just the place for it. This place gives you the exact idea of how the founders of this city liked to rule, their taste, liking and the kind of architecture that was prominent in those times. Witness various forms of architecture, relive what has now turned into remains but still shows no sign of disappearing and pay respects to the rulers of Hyderabad, who once walked on the same ground.
  • The Ramoji Film City is another famous tourist spot. Certified as the biggest studio complex, it was founded in 1996 and attracts 15 lakh visitors a year. Numerous man-made and natural attractions exist inside it, including an amusement park. Numerous renowned restaurants exist inside, and you can eat some of the most delicious foods here.

So, here are a few places that you must visit while in Hyderabad, and while you are at it, don’t forget to indulge yourself into some authentic dishes and Biryani! With numerous Mumbai to Hyderabad Flights, you can enjoy a wonderful vacation!