Ultimate Gift For The Travel Bug Bitten

image by allerleigadgets

Scratch maps are in fashion these days, with everyone trying to do one up on their friends and getting the best scratch maps out there. This competition takes on an extremely serious turn when it is between true travel bugs. Make your travel enthusiasts friends’ life easier by getting them the Scratch Map XL by Luckies of London.

Scratch Map XL For True Travel Enthusiasts: If you truly need to wow somebody, going with the originators of the scratch maps, Luckies of London products are always a safe bet. They are high quality, made in UK and always innovative. With the Scratch Map XL, you can win the award of the best friend of the year by your travel crazy friends as they will get a large map of the world. This large map works in the same concept of a scratch off map where you can scratch off the places on the map once you have travelled to them. Why is it the best? Because:

  • You get a personalized large map of the world, tracking your escapades around the world.
  • Immediately draw the eyes of your guest and you have a conversation starter about your favourite thing in the world, traveling.
  • With the huge size (84 x 119 cm), you can easily read off the places around the world without any need to get off from the chair or sofa.
  • You get an awesome wall piece to bring life to a boring corner.

The following are the technical features of this massive scratch map:

  • Classic Theme: This large map of the world comes with in the age old tired and loved theme of white gloss and gold. The background is kept simple white with a touch of gloss to give an elegant effect as gold coloured foil covers the bright colours adorning the map below.
  • Clear State Lines & Capital Cities: This scratch off map comes complete with all the state lines of USA, Australia and Canada along with capital cities from all the countries from around the world. Bottom of the map includes a guide for the smaller countries and also some other interesting facts.
  • Sturdy Gift Tube: This World travel map poster comes in its own gift tube that is a subtle yellow and makes an excellent wrapping for your sophisticated scratch map. Like all other things by Luckies of London, this gift tube is made of strong material to ensure perfect safety.

Summary: Scratch Map XL will win the hearts of your avid traveller friends and make them the winner in the competition of world maps.

Author Bio: Alice Campbell is an amateur singer who just sings enough to cover her expenses for the next journey to a far off land.